Ones That Got Away

If you're as Anthropologie obsessed as I am, then I'm sure you have lots of items that you regret not purchasing. And if you're like me, they end up haunting you for years! Here's a list of pretties that some way or another got away from me.

Synapse Belt in dark brown, size small
I didn't get this belt since at the time I bought the Looping Lanes Belt and didn't think I needed to own both. Now I regret not getting it.

Mint Drop Necklace
I saw this beauty in the store once but passed since it was full price. Now I'm wishing I would've splurged.

J.Crew Pleated Lombard Cardigan in pink guava, size xs
It's not Anthro, I know. But I so regret not getting this cardi. This one also came out when I was pregnant so it flew under my radar. 

If you have any of these in excellent condition and want to part with them please please email me and I'd love to buy them. Then maybe the ghosts of Anthro past will finally leave me alone!

breakfastatgigis (at) ymail (dot) com

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Jayna said...

There's a small of the green lilies on poshmark. I saw one on eBay too, but I don't remember the size- maybe an xs.