My Anthro Closet

While I love all of the cute and kitchy names Anthropologie gives to its clothing, it's so hard to remember them! And I'm hoping this will help me easily see what I don't need more of in my closet (or do need, as the case may be!). So I decided to create my very own virtual closet to catalog all of my beloved Anthropologie pieces.

Bottlegreen Dress (2013), size 2

Chessia Dress (2013), size 0

Chocolate Chip Dress (2010), size 2

Dagmar Shirtdress (2010), size 2

Drifting By Dress in black (2010), size 2

In A Twinkling Dress (2010), size 2

Layered Column Dress (2011), size s

Leaf Sheath Dress (circa 2007), size xs

Maia Column Dress (2012), size s

Native Birds Dress (2012), size 0

Painted Plaid Dress (2014), size 2

Pezza Dress in blue (2011), size xs

Rising Vapors Dress in taupe (2010), size xs

Rose & Hortensia Dress (2012), size 0

Sincerely Paris Halter Dress (2012), size 0

Sugar-Coated Shirtdress (2010), size 2

Waffle Weave Dress (2010), size xs

Tulip dress by Only Hearts (2006), size xs

Adriatic Skirt (2004), size 0

Ardennes Skirt (2011), size 0

Calligraphy Strokes Skirt (2011), size 2

Darjeeling Skirt (2010), size s

Heartstamp Pencil Skirt (2013), size 2

Openwork Vines Skirt (2010), size 2

Peppered and Striped Skirt (2010), size 2

Peppering Skirt (2011), size 2

Revelations Skirt (2009), size xs

Salinas Pencil Skirt (2014), size 2

Scalloped Sailor Skirt (2010), size 2

Scalloped Stripes Ponte Skirt (2013), size M/L

Sparked Tulle Skirt (2014), size xs

Weave-The-Ring Skirt (2010), size 2

Zocalo Maxi Skirt in yellow (2014), size xs

Abuzz Cardigan in teal (2010), size xs

Ambrosial Cardigan (2010), size xs

Aquascope Cardigan (2013), size xs

Askew Ruffled Cardigan (2012) in brown, size xs

Australe Cardigan (2012), size xs

Blooming Lattice Cardigan in navy (2010), size xs

Blossomed Lengths Cardigan (2013), size xs

Bougainvillea Cardigan (2010), size xs

Breezy Polkas Cardigan in red (2010), size xs

Caroline Sweater (2014), size xs

Cartography Cardigan (2010), size xs

Dwarf Quince Cardigan (2009), size xs

Elodie Cardigan (2009), size xs

Fanned Shimmer Cardigan in black and ivory (2013), size xs

Felted Lei Cardigan (2009), size s

Field Game Cardigan in navy (2010), size s

Flower District Cardigan (2013), size xs

Highlighted Frequencies Cardigan (2012), size xs
Intarsia Bow Cardigan (2012), size xs

Lacestitch Cardigan in terra cotta and mint (2014), size xs

Matinee Cardigan in yellow (2013), size xs

Parted Petals Cardigan (2010), size s

Plaza Cardigan in light grey (2009), size xs

Panoramic Blooms Cardigan (2013), size xs

Precious Materials Cardigan (2010), size s

Recital Cardigan in pink (2010), size xs

Rise-And-Fall Cardigan in blue (2010), size xs

Roaming Frills Cardigan in beige (2010), size xs

Solstice Night Cardigan (2014), size xs

Soubrette Marled Cardigan (2013), size xs

Spilling Ruffles Cardigan in white (2010), size xs

Tempting Trellis Cardigan (2009), size xs

Whirl & Wind Cardigan in black (2010), size xs

Frill Force Jacket (2010), size 2

Frilled Echelons Peacoat (2011), size 0

Judith Collar Coat (2012), size 2

Laceside Hoodie (2013), size xs

Striped Chevron Sweateroat (2014), size xs

Ad Infinitum Blouse (2010), size 2

Afternoon Abroad Tee in grey and white, (2014), size s

Alstroemeria Tee (2011), size xs

Atomical Tee in orange dot (2011), size xs

Banter Tee (2013), size xs

Bianka Blouse (2010), size 0

Bojagi Pullover in greay and teal (2011), size s

Buds & Bunches Tee in blue (2010), size xs

Capriccio Lace Tunic in grey (2014), size s

Caravane Tunic in blue motif (2014), size xs petite

Country Manor Top (2010), size xs

Creative Outlet Tank in green (2010), size xs

Deeply Rooted Henley (2010), size xs

Duo Colorblocked Top (2013) in grey and purple, size xs

Ellesmere Tunic in blue (2013), size xs

Essential Scoopneck in white, mint and pink (2014), size xs

Fairley Tunic in purple motif (2013), size xs

Fallings Fleur Tank (2010), size xs

Flourishing Stripes Tank in blue (2011), size xs

Fluttered Hem Tee in pink and jade (2012), size xs

Free Flow Tank in taupe (2010), size xs

Gathered Mesh Peplum Tee (2012), size s

Here & There Tee in turquoise and navy (2013), size s

Homespun Horticulture Tank (2010), size xs

Loosely Looped Tee in grey (2010), size s

Mitzie Channeled Tunic (2013), size xs

Molded & Melded Tee in cream and red (2010), size xs

Parkway Convertible Top in rose and turquoise (2013), size xs

Pattern Pop Tee in blue motif (2013), size xs

Puckered Placket Turtleneck in teal (2012), size s

Recessed Lace Sweatshirt in grey (2014), size xs

Rose Tartan Tieback (2010), size xs

Ruched Sleeve Tunic (2013), size xs

Ruffled Scoopneck in green (2013), size xs

Ruffled Stripe Henley in pink (2013), size xs

Scalinata Top (2010), size 0

Sidebent tank in pink (2011), size s

Slubby Pocket Pullover in rose and copper (2013), size xs

Solvo Tunic in blue motif (2014), size xs

Split Stripes Pullover (2013), size xs
Splitback Tee in black motif (2014), size xs

Swept Pintucks Tee (2011), size s

Swizzle Stripe Tunic in black motif (2013), size xs

Twisted & Pleated Tee in white and mint (2013), size xs

Twisted Sundial Tee in pink (2013), size s

Volante Tee in purple (2011), size xs

Wind Rippled Tee in teal (2009), size xs

AG Stevie Jeans (2013), size 27

AG Stevie Ankle Distressed Jeans (2014), size 27

AG Stevie Ankle Jeans in glimpse (2013), size 27

AG Stevie Ankle Jeans in Plum (2011) and Purple (2012), size 26

AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevie in Grey Pin Dot (2012), size 26

AG Stevie Cuffed Jeans (2014), size 26

AG Stevie Roll-Up Jeans (2013), size 26

Joe's Kicker (2011), size 25

Joe's Raw Hem Kicker (2010), size 25

Pilcro Stet Ankle-Zip Cords (2013), size 27

Pilcro Zip-Pocket Crops (2011), size 27

Anticipation Heels (2010), size 7 1/2

Budding T-Straps (2009), size 8

Bouquet of Roses Heels (2009), size 7

Bowed Lacerta Mary Janes (2011), size 8

Bowtied-Beauty Boots (2010), size 7 1/2

Evelina Heels in pink (2013), size 8

Foxglove Boots in ivory (2012), size 38

In-Season Peep-Toes (2010), size 8

Microflora Mary Janes (2012), size 8

Rensselaer T-straps (2010), size 9

Scallop-Tied Booties (2013), size 38

Tangled Treasure Sandals (2010), size 7.5

Tangled Twists Slingbacks (2010), size 8

Trichromatic T-Straps (2013), size 8

Waving Grains Pumps (2010), size 7 1/2

Cake Decoration Belt (2010), size s

Green Thumb Belt in red (2010), size s

Leaf Legato Belt (2013), size m

Looping Lanes Belt (2010), size s

Rippled Ribbon Belt (2011), size s

Ruffled Cincher (2010), size s

Saffi Belt (2011), size s

Shimmered Dusk Belt (2014), size s

Snakebite Belt in black and grey (2009), size s
Tabbed Corset Belt in brown (2014), size s

Gather Together Clutch in grey (2011)

Cross-Continent Weekender (2012)

Ampay Necklace (2012)

Atmospheric Hoops (2013)

Beaded Seaford Strands (2013)

Blossomed Garland Necklace in red (2013)

Bow Tie Earrings (2009)

Brinjal Pendant Necklace (2013) in pink

Camellia Bib Necklace (2013)

Candy Cluster Pendant Necklace (2013)

Clifton Strands Necklace (2013)

Fire & Firmament Beaded Necklace (2012)

Gilded Impatiens Necklace (2010)

Knotted Sparkle Necklace (2014)

Kuychi Necklace (2012) by Pam Hiran

La Jolla Necklace (2012)

Lithographic Necklace (2010)

Oolite Necklace (2011)

Pessinus Garden Necklace in silver (2010)

River Bow Necklace in silver (2010)

Stacked Petunia Drops (2010)

Stone Soup Necklace (2010)

Double Serge Tiffany Bow Skirt (2009), size 4

Sequin Bow Cardigan (2012), size xs

Tippi Sweater in Graphic Floral (2013), size xs

Penelope Mary Janes (2009), size 8 1/2

Collection Etta Plaid Studded Pumps (2014), size 8

Crystal Glace Necklace (2009)

Crystal Venus Flytrap Necklace (2013)

Beaded Waterfall Necklace (2008)

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