Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sale is Here!

After waiting all week, Anthropologie finally had a sale today! Here are my picks...

Mint, lavendar, pink & yellow. What's not to love! The pretty spring colors on these shoes are calling my name.

Loving the minty color of this cardigan and it looks like it would be the perfect weight for Spring.

I love statement necklaces and this one is so pretty. The jewels and beads are such a sweet mix.

I'm still considering this and maybe this tunic. Did you pick up anything from the sale today??

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GnomeLover said...

Cute cardigan! I did not purchase anything today. I had scored two popbacks yesterday and my fingers are crossed that they ship. Plus, I purchased too much full price this month. Add that to that striped dress and tunic that I am hoping gets a price adjustment, and I am done. Unless, the Savant Dress gets cut and then I am definitely buying it.

Yes, April 3rd and I am done shopping for April. I do have a gift certificate to Macy's and two Nordstrom Bucks so I can still use those! : )