Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stripey Stripes

I love stripes and I love tunics so when I found this stripey stripe tunic on sale, I had to get it. :) It's super comfortable and it has pockets! It looks like Anthropologie has this tunic in another fun print; you can get it here.
Anthropologie Ruched Tenda Tunic, sim here
Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankle Jeans
Anthropologie Blossomed Garland Necklace, sim here


GnomeLover said...

I love this outfit. Those boots are so cute on you. Are they from last year? I feel like those are the ones I purchased and returned because they looked bad on me. But they look terrific on you! So fab!

I am having returners remorse!


Leah said...

Are these boots are comfortable as they look? You always have some of the most creative pieces!!