Monday, February 3, 2014

Sale Picks!

After a few weeks of no sales, we woke up to great sale at Anthropologie today! Here are my picks....

This top looks cute and I love all the colors it comes in, it would be hard to choose one! The detailing in the front is nice and the neckline looks flattering.

I own another version of this dress and I love it! The stripes in this dress are super flattering. Plus, it's a great layering piece to pair with cardigans and necklaces. FYI, size up one size.

If I didn't already own the Scalloped-Tied Booties, I would be picking these up for sure! I love the flower detailing on them! 

I might call around to find this, I just love the plum color. Did you pick up anything from the sale today??

1 comment:

GnomeLover said...

Love your picks! I only picked up one popback, the Corey Pullover for $20. But I also got a p.a. coming on the laced peplum hoodie and the Matinee cardigan. Checking for more $20 and under popbacks today. So fun!