Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Surprise Ruffles

This shirt looks simple from the front but the back has some cute ruffles. And if you know me than you know I love just about anything with ruffles. :)
Anthropologie Ruffled Scoopneck, sim here
Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankle Jeans
Anthropologie Clifton Strands Necklace, sim here
Anthropologie Scallop-Tied Booties, sim here
and here's a view of the cute ruffles in the back...


Leah said...

Blue is such a good color on you! I would be so afraid of ruffles on my bottom - accenting it) :)
You pull off this fun look with ruffles so well.

GnomeLover said...

Love it! When did you get that top? I do not remember ever seeing it. : (. It is adorable. There is one on ebay, but it is way more than my budget would allow. Do you know the brand? It is so cute! I love it with the scalloped booties.


Sayaka said...

Really cute top! I love the surprise ruffles in the back!!

Jessica said...

GnomeLover - I got the top on sale right before Thanksgiving. It's made by Left of Center. Hope you can find one, I love it!