Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Anthro at Target

Recently while I was shopping at Target, I was surprised to see a few cute things that reminded me of something I've seen at Anthropologie. But since it's at Target, it's for a fraction of the price! Love when I find cute things for cheap. :) Here's what I spotted...

On the left is the Colorblocked Lace Pullover from Anthro. On the right is an almost identical one at Target. I'm kinda digging the girly black lace in the Target one! 

The Anthro Illusion Pencil Dress seems like it would be very slimming, but also very expensive at just under $200. For $30 the Target Mossimo dress is a bargain!

The Matinee Cardigan from Anthro is a great cardi. But for less than half the price you can get the same look with the Merona one. I've tried on the Merona one at Target and it is super cute and comfy on, I might get it in another color!

This Boucle Pencil Skirt from Anthro is a great basic to dress up in the Fall and Winter months. But the one from Target is only $20 (a steal!) and it comes with that cute yellow belt!
Will you be picking up any of these cute finds from Target??

Friday, October 25, 2013

Anthropologie Wants

I always seem to have a never-ending list of wants at my fave store, Anthropologie. Here's what is currently at the top of my wishlist:

This ruffled scoopneck is darling. It looks like a plain tee from the front, but the back has super cute ruffles (click on the pic to see the back). It's a must have for me!

These look like the perfect pair of pink shoes. You would think that since I love pink so much I would already own a pair of pink heels but sadly I don't. So I might have to scoop these up when they hit sale.

A skirt with bowties on it? Yes, please!! And I'm loving the silhouette with the fan of ruffles on the bottom.

Ok, I know I already own the Scallop-Tied Booties but these ones are just so cute. If they can last until they go on sale I might have to get them too!
Love this tunic, it is very Chanel-esque. I think the lines on it would be very figure flattering.

What's on your wishlist at Anthropologie??

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY: Using Chalk Paint

I found this entry table on Craigslist a few years ago, and I've always wanted to paint it -- I just never got around to it (I'm sure you can relate!). Well, a few weeks ago I decided to tackle this long overdue project.

I've always wanted to try out chalk paint and I thought this would be the perfect piece for it. Chalk paint is not the same as chalkboard paint. It's a paint that makes transforming furniture easy as it needs no surface prep and dries to a chalk-like finish. I chose to work with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint since it has great reviews and a beautiful color selection. You can read more about her chalk paint here, as well as where to purchase it at a store near you.

Here are the supplies I used:
-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen
-Annie Sloan Soft Wax
-cup to pour paint in
-old cotton rag*

*a note on the brush and rag. It is recommended that when working with Annie Sloan's paint and wax that you use her brushes. Since these brushes are pricey (and I'm cheap!) I decided to use a regular paint brush. Here is a pic of the brush I used (and it worked great)...

So let's get started! Here's a pic of the dresser before:

As you can see below, the top of the dresser has a lot of scratches.

Now I know you don't have to do any prep work when using chalk paint. But a few of the reviews I read said that sometimes the finish can bleed through the paint. I didn't want that to happen so I lightly sanded the whole piece with my palm sander. I figured it couldn't hurt and it would help to smooth out all of those scratches on the top. As you can see I didn't completely remove the stain, I just lightly sanded it.

Then I taped off the inside so I'd have nice clean paint lines.

Then I got to painting! First pour some paint into another cup. You don't want to paint directly from the can as the paint can dry out easily (if this happens, just add a little water). When painting the first coat you don't have to worry about being nice and neat. You can just slap on the paint. I even had my 3 year old help!

Here's how it looked after the 1st coat.

You can see the brush strokes...

After the 1st coat dried (which doesn't take long) I started with the 2nd coat. Now when doing the 2nd coat you will want to use some water. Just fill up another cup with water and dip your brush into the water and then into the paint. This will help you achieve a super smooth finish. The paint almost melted into the furniture and dried really smooth with minimal brush strokes.

You should only need two coats of paint. After it dries (I waited a day) you can apply the wax. I used an old cotton rag and applied the wax in circular motions. The wax is like lotion, only so much can be absorbed into the paint. Here is what my piece now looks like:

I LOVE it! I would definitely recommend painting with chalk paint. It was super easy and fast. I've stripped and re-stained furniture before and it takes hours and hours. This project was so fast and only took me about 3 hours to sand, paint two coats, and apply the wax.

The color is pretty accurate in the photos; I used French Linen and it's the perfect grey-ish beige, or greige if you will. And I'm in love with the matte finish! I didn't distress my piece at all since I just wanted a nice clean finish. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a little pricey, but to me it's worth it. You don't have to buy a primer and it saves you so much time and effort!

So if you have an old piece of furniture that needs a quick and easy facelift, check out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Plus, I only used about 1/4 of the can to do this dresser so I'm already looking around the house to see what else I can paint with it. :)

And here's the before and after again...


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Matinee Cardigan

I L-O-V-E this cardigan! It's super soft, soooo comfortable and the color just screams Fall to me. The length is perfect, falling just below my hips. I usually don't gravitate toward anything in the yellow family (at least near my face) but when I tried this on at the store I was pleasantly surprised. It comes in other colors too but since I don't own any cardigans in this color I decided to go with it. I'm a big fan and highly recommend it!
Anthropologie Matinee Cardigan
Anthropologie Rose Tartan Tieback
Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankle Jeans
Anthropologie Scallop-Tied Booties
So if you're looking for a new fall cardigan, I highly recommend this cardigan! And I'm going to Utah to visit family for a few weeks so I won't be posting regularly. I have a few posts already in the works but I'll catch up with you all when I get back. :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: Anjolee Citrine Eternity Band

I'm a girly-girl at heart. I love all things with ruffles, bows and especially bling! So when Anjolee offered to send me this gorgeous ring to review I of course said 'yes!'. The eternity band I chose was the Millgrain Edge Diamond and Gemstone Ring and it is beautiful! The ring arrived in a wooden box with nice padding to keep it safe.

Of course my sample ring is made with CZ and silver, but the jewelry for purchase on Anjolee's site is only made with certified natural diamonds, gemstones and gold or platinum metals. Each stone is set in a prong setting and bordered by a millgrain edge. Just look how much it sparkles!
Anjolee has a wide range of eternity bands. They offer unique personalization so you end up with the perfect piece of jewelry. The options include metal type, quality, length and diamond size. So you get exactly what you want according to your taste and budget.

I was inspired by the gorgeous yellow color of the citrine stones and decided to style an outfit based on this ring. Here's what I came up with...
I just love my delicate citrine eternity band; I think it would make a lovely gift for an anniversary, birthday, or any occasion! And I can't wait to style many more outfits with this lovely ring. :)
{Anjolee was kind enough to send me this item free of charge. This in no way affected my opinion of the item or the company and all the opinions above are my own.}

Monday, October 14, 2013


I'm in love with this skirt. It was one that I missed out on a few years back but recently a sweet reader emailed me when she saw it on my Ones That Got Away post. I of course purchased it from her and now I am a happy girl! Here's how I wore it to church yesterday...
Anthropologie Volante Tee, sim-ish here
Anthropologie Darjeeling Skirt, sim here
Anthropologie Tights, sim here
Anthropologie Anticipation Heels, sim here

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Flattering Colors

I love the color teal, it always makes me happy when I wear it. Maybe because it's one of the four universally flattering clothing colors. I decided to embrace the teal in this cardi and also wear a tank of the same color.
Anthropologie Dwarf Quince Cardigan, another pretty floral cardi here
J.Crew Rosette Tank, sim here
Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankle Jeans
Anthropologie Scallop-Tied Booties