Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Grey & Orange

I'm loving this cardigan I picked up at Target, it seems to go with everything. It's nice and warm which will come in handy when we finally get some snow. Plus, the length is flattering making it easy to wear with leggings too!
Anthropologie Slubby Pocket Pullover, sim here
Target Merona Chunky Cardigan
Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankle Jeans
Anthropologie Clifton Strands Necklace
Anthropologie Scallop-Tied Booties
And good news, you can still get this cute necklace on SALE at Anthropologie; I'm finding the colors go with a lot of things I already own!


Victoria said...


Sayaka said...

what a cute cardigan! I could of not guessed that it was from Target. It looks Anthropologie to me!! And I love the orange and gray together...beautiful!!

Whimsical Preppy said...

Because of this post, I went on a Target journey searching for this cardigan. They are sold out online and they had limited quantities at both of the Targets I went to. Luckily I found one in my size in navy. Any color was fine since I love this! Thanks for sharing,

Jessica said...

Glad you were able to find one! The navy would be a good color to have.