Friday, October 25, 2013

Anthropologie Wants

I always seem to have a never-ending list of wants at my fave store, Anthropologie. Here's what is currently at the top of my wishlist:

This ruffled scoopneck is darling. It looks like a plain tee from the front, but the back has super cute ruffles (click on the pic to see the back). It's a must have for me!

These look like the perfect pair of pink shoes. You would think that since I love pink so much I would already own a pair of pink heels but sadly I don't. So I might have to scoop these up when they hit sale.

A skirt with bowties on it? Yes, please!! And I'm loving the silhouette with the fan of ruffles on the bottom.

Ok, I know I already own the Scallop-Tied Booties but these ones are just so cute. If they can last until they go on sale I might have to get them too!
Love this tunic, it is very Chanel-esque. I think the lines on it would be very figure flattering.

What's on your wishlist at Anthropologie??

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Anonymous said...

The ruffled scoopneck is on my radar as well and wish we had it in-store so I can verify the sizing. The back ruffles are adorable!