Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pretty Florals

My little girl loves taking pics with me! Every time I get out the camera she wants to be in the shot. Can you say photobomb?!! :)

Anthropologie Alstroemeria Tee, sim here
AG Stevie Ankle Jeans, sim here
Kate Spade Tabbi Wedge
Anthropologie Ampay Necklace, sim here

And stay tuned, tomorrow I'll have a review of these beauties up on the blog!!


Jenni said...

If you have to have a photo bomber she's a pretty cute one to have! Such a cute that top! One of the most classic Anthro pieces, I think. I am on pins and needles for your review on those boots...I have my birthday discount in hand and I'm ready to buy! Just need to know what size now.

Sayaka said...

Your daughter is beautiful!! I love her little outfit and of course you look lovely as always!!