Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One Cardi, Three Dresses

I got this cardigan on 2nd cut and I just love it! The lace detail is pretty and the color combination is so unique. I decided to have some fun and style it three different ways! The first one is how I wore it to church on Sunday...
Anthropologie Intersections Day Dress, sim here
Anthropologie Flower District Cardigan, sim here
Anthropologie Budding T-Straps

with the Anthropologie Bottlegreen Dress, sim here

and with the Anthropologie Chocolate Chip Dress, sim here
which one do you like best??


Leah said...

I love it with the chocolate chip dress! The mixing of the two patterns and colors is so unique!

Silver Lining Decor said...

Dying over that sweater!!! It's absolutely gorgeous, and really goes so well with all 3 looks! I like it best with the 2nd dress. I would imagine it would look gorgeous with coral as well.

PS-Thank you for your sweet comment about baby boy! I hope your little ones are doing well :)

Whimsical Preppy said...

I love the Bottlegreen dress with that cardigan. It gives it that vintage fifties look. Every time I see this dress I get tempted to add it to my wishlist. My seven year old daughter came in and saw your pictures and said, "She's adorable!"