Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Colorblocked Purple

I love how comfortable this top is, it seriously feels like I'm wearing pajamas! Anthropologie still has it available in many colors and sizes so scoop one or two up while you can (and it's on sale!). I decided to dress it up a little with a fun statement necklace.
Anthropologie Duo Colorblocked Top
Anthropologie Camellia Bib Necklace 
Kate Spade Tabbi Wedge
And what a Tag Sale today at Anthropologie! I had to restrain myself from ordering a few things but I did pick up these for $9.95 (hope my order goes through, I think that was a price glitch!) and also this necklace in turquoise. I also ordered a rug when all the rugs were marked down to $20 but I think it will for sure get cancelled. I can dream that my order will get overlooked though, right!!! Did you pick up anything at this year's Tag Sale??

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Nikki said...

Isn't there a law that keeps them from cancelling? Anyway, I love this colorblock top! Purple is such a fun and vivid color :) The closest Anthro store to me in London, UK and I always go inside, but never buy anything :/ x