Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sale Picks

Anthropologie surprised us with another sale today! Here are my picks...

Twirled Tiers Tee
This top looks like it would be super flattering with the cute knot detail. And I love the bright shades it comes in.

Striped Terry Midi Dress
This dress looks so cute, comfy and perfect for summer. I love the laid back vibe but you could also dress it up.

Lacy Jacquard Dishtowel Set
The lace, bright colors and the scalloped edge make these dishtowels a keeper for me. Love these!

So I might end up getting this but I want to try it on first at my local store. Did you pick up anything from today's sale?

1 comment:

Jan Russell said...

Oooh, those dishtowels are super cute, I totally forget to pour over the home stuff before I check out online! I was totally weak (again!) and placed another sale order this morning, that extra 25% off bait definitely got me hook line and sinker!