Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sale Picks

It's Tuesday and that means sale day at Anthropologie! It was a big one today with lots of new markdowns. Here are my picks...

Ephraim V-Neck Dress
Love this dress! It reminds me of the Overwhelmed Aster Dress but with straps so I'm liking it much more. The print will be fun to pair with bright colored cardigans and shoes.

Fisherman's Knot Belt
Cute belt that will be fun to mix with summer dresses. And I love the knot detail.

Foxglove Boots
These boots have been on my radar for a long time. Aren't the cutouts so cute? So when they got a huge markdown today, how could I resist!?! Can't wait for these to arrive now.

De Moda Cardigan
I'm swooning over the print on this cardigan, just not the price! The delicate chiffon on the top is really adorable. I just wish I could justify $150 for a cardigan.

So from my picks, I also ended up getting this and this. What did you pick up?


Kristine said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the cut on the foxglove boots! I missed the original color but I think I like the lighter color better anyway. Was a little confused about sizing though. Fingers crossed! :)

Jessica said...

@Kristine - yeah, now I'm thinking the markdown on the boots was a mistake since they are so new. I hope the order goes through for me! My status says preparing to ship but I'm still crossing my fingers.

Jan Russell said...

Very cute picks - I can totally see that dress on you! And OH MY that De Moda cardi - it was already sold out in my size this morning or I know I would have been too weak to resist it. As it is, I think I may need to call a store tomorrow...those silhouettes...sigh...I am so in love.