Friday, June 15, 2012

The Ones That Got Away

If you're as Anthropologie obsessed as I am, then I'm sure you have lots of items that you regret not purchasing. And if you're like me, they end up haunting you for years! Here's a list of pretties that some way or another got away from me.

Budding T-Straps, size 7 1/2 or maybe 8
I was pregnant when these came out and just not into buying clothes at the time - more into decorating the nursery! So sadly I missed out on these and they still haunt me to this day.

Synapse Belt in dark brown, size small
I didn't get this belt since at the time I bought the Looping Lanes Belt and didn't think I needed to own both. Now I regret not getting it.

Mint Drop Necklace
I saw this beauty in the store once but passed since it was full price. Now I'm wishing I would've splurged.

Darjeeling Skirt, size small
I've loved this skirt since it came out. But when it hit sale I told myself that I didn't need another black and white lace skirt since I already own the Openwork Vines skirt. Well, now I'm wishing it was mine.

Tria Sweater Skirt, size xs or small (never tried this on so not sure)
When this skirt hit sale I didn't think I needed it since I lived in LA at the time. Now that I live in cooler temps, I'm wishing I owned it. 

Remaining Lilies Cardigan, size xs
I just love Wendy Reed's cardis so I'm not sure why I didn't get this one when it went on sale. Looking through my closet I realize that I don't have any green cardigans (except a solid colored one). So I'd love to own this fun and distinct one!

J.Crew Pleated Lombard Cardigan in pink guava, size xs
It's not Anthro, I know. But I so regret not getting this cardi. This one also came out when I was pregnant so it flew under my radar. 

If you have any of these in good condition and want to part with them please please email me and I'd love to buy them. Then maybe the ghosts of Anthro past will finally leave me alone!

breakfastatgigis (at) ymail (dot) com


Terrie said...

I have the Tria sweater skirt in a small in EUC- email me at starbaby975 at hotmail

Jess said...

Just emailed you!

Jessica said...

Terrie - sent you an email yesterday, thanks!

Jess - I never got your email. Can you resend it to or leave me your email address in the comments? thanks!

Nadja W said...

I hope you find these items!
I don't think it will be hard to find the Remaining Lilies Cardigan. One of my Anthro friends posted it last week at the TM and she was able to find it really quickly. I remember seeing this on eBay in few different occasions for less than $50 dollars sometime last year.

I also have a list of items I regret not buying, including items that I saw come by at the TM. But as I tell myself: I can't have it all at once!

Life's a shoe said...

these are such pretty things, especially love the necklace and the first skirt

Molly at Anthromollogies said...

Jessica, I actually BOUGHT THE MINT DROP, and returned it like a complete idiot. At the time it was a painful decision and I chose some other goodies instead. I still pine for that beauty too.

Ashley said...

I will look for the size 7 1/2 & 8 if u help me find a 9. My stupid dog chewed my budding t straps