Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: Microflora Mary-Janes

Thes Microflora Mary-Janes are so bright and pretty in person. I love all the fun colors in them and that they'll add a little kick to any outfit. The satin material used elevate these pumps, making them feel and look more expensive.

I haven't worn them out just yet but they felt pretty comfortable walking around on my carpet. The 1" platform certainly helps comfort-wise.

I ordered both colorways and liked each of them. The blue colorway seemed a bit more muted since there are less colors going on (mainly blue, green, pink and a little yellow) but they are certainly still a statement shoe. The flowers are smaller making the pattern a smaller scale.

The multi colorway are more colorful and striking to me. Lots of colors going on - pink, purple, green, yellow, red, black & white. They also have a mix of two patterns, using one for the body of the shoe and the other for the strap, platform and heel.

I found they ran true to size, despite the confusing online reviews. I am almost always a size 8 in shoes and that's the size that fit best. I also ordered them in 8 1/2 and those were slipping off me a bit as I walked around in them on my carpet. And a 7 1/2 would have been too tight.

I'm really happy with these and can't wait to style them. They are a fun shoe for the spring and summer and will add a little something special to my outfits. I know I'll have to keep the rest of my outfit pretty muted but I don't mind letting them stand in the spotlight.

So which colorway do you like better?? Although I like both of them, I don't think they're different enough from each other to own both. They pretty much add the same punch to an outfit. I'm partial to one of them but I want to know which Microflora Mary-Jane you like better. So go ahead and vote in my poll below...

Which Microflora Mary-Jane do you like best?

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Jenni said...

I voted for the multi-color because i think they might be a little more versatile. The blue are fun too though! Either would be a good choice!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

What fun shoes for spring!

Sayaka said...

Both colors are gorgeous but I voted for the multi color. You can't go wrong with either pair though. They are both so pretty!! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. I l think your pictures/colors of the pumps are more accurate than the ones on line.

Jess said...

Hi, lovely shoes! I have actually bought the multi-colour version from Anthropologie for my wedding this summer! I have since seen the blue colourway when doing an image search but they are not on the Anthropologie website. Would you mind letting me know where you bought them from? I'm not sure if they are exclusive to Anthropologie. Any help appreciated! Thanks, Jess

Jessica said...

Jess - I bought both of them from Anthro but you're right, the blue are no longer on the website. Not sure if they're exclusive of not to Anthro though.