Friday, April 20, 2012

My Spring Wishlist

Every Spring it seems like Anthropologie pulls out all the stops and this year is no different. The have tons of new beauties to drool over right now. My wishlist keeps getting longer and longer but I've managed to narrow it down to these seven items...

1) Australe Cardigan: cute stripes and the flower detail make it special
2) Ampay Necklace: pretty colors that will mix n' match with everything
3) Microflora Mary-Janes: it was love at first sight with these beauties! And I just ordered them so I'll do a review when they get here.
4) AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevie: love the subtle polka dot print
5) Bedecked Flounce Tee: the peek-a-boo polka dots in the back are a cute surprise
6) Diamond Kite Dress: a whimsical kite print with ruffles, I want!
7) Highlighted Frequencies Cardigan: a very missoni-esqe print, don't you think?


Jaime said...

Very cute items. We have similar taste. I have numbers four and five. Love polka dots. I tried on the dress and wasn't super impressed with it on but might buy at a good sale price. I do like the airy-ness of it.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

#6 is adorable! I now want it too :)

Jenni said...

Your wish list looks just about like mine! Love all your picks and also hope to add some of the same items ASAP! =) I love spring clothes!