Thursday, December 9, 2010

West Elm Christmas Decor

When it comes to Christmas decor, I'm really into white and metallic with accents of the traditional red and green. West Elm has some great decorations this year and the following are at the top of my wishlist.


1. West Elm David Stark Twig Topiary - love this little tree!
2. West Elm Mosaic Spheres - these would look great on a mantle.
3. West Elm Mercury Glass Shape Ornaments - love mercury glass.
4. West Elm Paper Flower Wreath - so pretty!
5. West Elm Novelty Nutcracker - love the all white nutcracker.
6. West Elm Mercury Glass Vases - again, LOVE mercury glass!
7. West Elm Scalloped Trees - these would look great in an entryway.

With all of my decorations still in boxes, I ordered the David Stark Twig Topiary for my Christmas tree this year. Stay tuned, I'll have pics for you on the blog soon!


Leah said...

oooooo - I love your decor taste =) Such pretty items you have picked out. Can't wait to see tree pics when you are done. I seriously think I'm doing the unthinkable and not putting our tree up this year. I just don't have the energy...

Sarah (Oh Pretty Day) said...

That little tree is so cute! This year my colors are red and silver. I love the white though, I will be thinking about that next year:)

Jenni said...

Love all your picks...white and metalic looks so classy yet modern together all in one. Perfect combo! Can't wait to see you tree!!

Elle Sees said...

i've been drooling over their snow globe--the one with a silver tree in it. i'll take this whole list!

Laura said...

Love the Silver and White combination. Very timeless. I've always wanted an all Silver tree and a spinning color wheel that shines on the tree to make it change colors. OK! Not so classy, but lots of fun. Thanks for sharing your Wish List.

Samantha said...

I also prefer white and metallics over red and green; they seem more chic to me. :o)