Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You're The One That I Want

There are so many items I want that my wishlist keeps growing exponentially. I would love to redesign my entire apartment right now but sadly, it is not in the budget. :( In fact, I think every three to four months I get the itching to do an entire remodel. What about you? Here are some items that made my wishlist.


1) Anthropologie Hello, Goodbye Doorknob
2) West Elm Handknit Throw
3) Anthropologie Excavated Pot (you'd be surprised at the price)
4) Design Within Reach Le Klint 172B Pendant
5) Atom Art Bowl, Blue and Inside Out Serving Bowl, Fern (both from Anthropologie) Want! Want! Want!
6) Paper Cloud Wood Planks Pillow and Paper Cloud Daisy Pillow
7) Martha Stewart Cupcake Tree this would give me an excuse to buy make cupcakes more often


Allergic to Vanilla said...

I know what you mean about Anthropologie...its the best (a lil overpriced) but def the best!

great picks, I need a cupcake stand too!

xo Carlina

Heather said...

You can find a throw like that for way cheaper at other places - try TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

triciathomas said...

I love all of it!!! I would love to re-mo right now!!! I would love my own house right now!

Jessica said...

Allergic to Vanilla - Anthro is overpriced but that's why I usually wait for a sale.

Heather - thanks for the tip!

Tricia - I'll help you with the re-mo!!

Lorraine said...

I feel exactly the same. I have so many items on my wishlist right now and it just keeps growing. They're mostly from Anthro to which isn't friendly on my wallet.

my name is gee said...

i love that doorknob!!!

Heather Capener said...

I would love to remodel too, oh wait, I think to re-mo you have to mo first.
I'm with Tricia, could I get my own how too, I'm sick of living in someone else's idea of good architecture.

DEA said...

OH my goodness, such pretties. I'm always enamored by the home accessories at Anthro and wish I had an old cottage to dress up.

Elle Sees said...

i want those cupcakes...and to live anthropologie.

alicia said...

Is exquisite taste in your genetic make-up??

Karen said...

I love the cupcake holder - it would be so great for a party!!


Jan Russell said...

So many cute things! 5 & 6 are my favorites!