Friday, May 28, 2010

Mad Style

My husband and I are both addicted to Mad Men, we watched the entire first season in just a few days. Everything about it is fun. The fashion, the plot, and of course the set design. I am in love with Don Draper the set design. If you want to include a little Mad Men style into your home, you can do so with the following.

This sofa is an updated version of the one in Don's office at Sterling Cooper.
Crate & Barrel at ShopStyle

And how about this tufted headboard, it's a dead ringer for the one in the Draper's bedroom. I now want to replace my bed for one that looks like this (I've also had my eye on this one for awhile now).
Horchow at ShopStyle

This credenza, although smaller, looks almost identical to the one in the Draper's home.
CB2 at ShopStyle

Now all I can do is wait on tenterhooks for the season 4 premier in July (we are less than two months away people!).


triciathomas said...

I have never seen it! I think I may need to pick up the first few seasons! I love that headboard!

DEA said...

Shamefully, I've never seen an episode of Mad Men though I'm really curious about it. I just adore the 50's style and am 'mad' for the pencil skirts!


kay said...

I have never seen it, but will do! Love the headboard!

yogagirl said...

Don Draper is just tooo beautiful!