Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

I know the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has been going on for awhile now, but better late than never that I share my picks with you!! There were lots of goodies that were included but here are my top favorites...

This cardigan (lovingly referred to as the blardigan - blanket+cardigan by Pinterest Told Me To) is so incredibly soft and comfortable. I didn't believe it until I got it in the mail and I can tell you I'm in love! I'll be living in this All. Winter. Long. The Anniversary Sale colors are all sold out (sorry!) but you can still get it in other colors.

This little initial necklace is a great buy and will be fun to layer with other gold necklaces I own. I know this will be one of my go-to everyday necklaces.

These leggings are such a great price and they are going to keep me warm this winter. The material is nice and thick and they'll be a nice compliment to my blardigan. :)

I love this pretty ring from Kate Spade. It's big but not too big that I couldn't wear it everyday. And of course I love the pink color - but it also comes in green and grey.

I love these boots! The color is nice and rich (I got the cognac) and the detailing sets them apart. You can't see from the pic but the back is quilted! I pretty much live in flat boots during the winter so I know these are going to gets lots and lots of wear.

And just for fun, here's a pic of all my goodies :)

Let me know if you need more pics or a review of anything and I'll do my best. Now it just needs to cool off here so I can start wearing my new stuff!. Okay, not really! I'm enjoying the warm weather while it lasts!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pink Ardennes

Well I'm back from Utah and I had a great time! Lots of time with family, lots of time by the pool, and lots of time helping family decorate (which you know I LOVE to do!). And running Ragnar was such a blast; I'm so glad I did it! Here's my #raceselfie at the finish line...

It's nice to be home. And I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, so here's what I wore to church on Sunday...
Anthropologie Essential Scoopneck
Anthropologie Ardennes Skirt, another cute striped skirt here
Anthropologie Blossomed Garland Necklace, sim here
Anthropologie Evelina Heels, sim here

Monday, July 21, 2014

Anthro Sale!

I'm back from my vacation to Utah. :)  And I was surprised (and happy) to see a sale today at Anthropologie, were you?! I haven't picked anything up yet, but here are my picks...

I love stripes and I love lace so of course I'm diggin' this combo!

This maxi skirt is so bright and colorful; I just love pretty florals!

My sister told me about this watch, and since it got a 2nd cut it's an absolute steal!!

Did you pick anything up?? Since I just got this tee in grey I haven't pulled the trigger on anything...yet!

Friday, June 20, 2014


So I've been busy training for the Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay Race. I'm running with my sisters and sisters-in-law and I'm so excited! I've really enjoyed my training and running around Lake Harriet. I couldn't ask for better scenery...

So I'm off to Utah today and I'll be gone for a few weeks so I can also spend time with family. I'll catch up will you all when I get back. Wish me luck next week on my race. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stripes, Pink & Mint

It's been a busy week so far so I'm finally getting around to posting what I wore to church on Sunday. Another mint and pink combo, but this time with stripes! :)
Anthropologie Twisted & Pleated Tee, sim here
Anthropologie Scalloped Stripes Ponte Skirt, sim here
Anthropologie Ampay Necklace, sim-ish here
Anthropologie Evelina Heels, sim here
And who's excited for the Anthropologie Tag Sale starting tomorrow! I know I am! Let's hope it's a good one with lots of markdowns. :)